Kill strangers. Protect friends. Eat enemies.

Maquel. 24.





wannabe writer,

and all-around awkward fuck.

I often post my own artwork,

both fanart and original pieces.

Shawn Fonteno just liked one of my drawings on Instagram… Brb, shitting myself.

Wishing I gave a fuck about Little Big Planet


E3 drinking game: take a shot every time the protagonist is a white dude, and try not to die


what she says: the new assassin’s creed game looks disappointing

what she means: i want to play as a female assassin, not four men. i want more development on the modern timeline. i want ubisoft to listen to the wishes of me and many other fans of the franchise, as opposed to shoving a regurgitated game with better freerunning and a nicer looking world down our throats.

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